In Pictures: Six Windows 8 tablets

Intel's hardware partners recently showed off their mid-range Windows 8 hybrid devices at a Clover Trail coming-out party. Now we reveal the hardware in all its photographic splendor. Each tablet features Intel's Z2760 Atom processor (aka Clover Trail), a dual-core, four-thread system-on-chip running up to 1.8GHz. Clover Trail devices won't pack the performance oomph of Ultrabooks, laptops and hybrids running Core-caliber processors, but the products you see in this gallery should deliver excellent battery life—in excess of 10 hours. In theory, at least. Perhaps more importantly, Clover Trail devices could emerge as winning travel PCs: thin, light tablets married to accompanying keyboard docks. Put everything together, and you might be able to leave your iPad and Ultrabook at home, and simply take one of these hybrids on the road. Click here to find out more!

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Lenovo ThinkPad 2

Lenovo’s Clover Trail offering is a pure tablet in a 10.1-inch form factor. Yes, you can purchase a dock that integrates a classic Lenovo keyboard, but it’s a Bluetooth dock without a physical connector that would turn the system into a traditional clamshell.

The ThinkPad 2 integrates a Wacom digitizer in its 1366x768 display, and includes a stylus supporting 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, potentially making it an ideal tool for artists. A USB port is included for external device connectivity. The tablet is 9.8mm thick, but weighs under 1.5 pounds

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In Pictures: Six Windows 8 tablets

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