In Pictures: The 21 PC games that matter most, right now

Spring (southern hemisphere) is here, and PC gaming is about to heat up. Starting with Borderlands 2 (pictured here), there's a bevy of new games coming to PCs this fall, and many of them look good enough to merit serious attention. From complex tactical strategy games to fast-paced, modern military shooters and everything in between, chances are there's a game coming out soon that will be perfect entertainment for all your holiday "down time." Have a look at this gallery, and tell us what you think in the comments section. Did we forget any critical nuggets of awesomeness?

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The Banner Saga If you haven’t heard of The Banner Saga, know that it’s a tactical strategy RPG featuring a barbarian clan seeking a new home in a beautifully hand-drawn fantasy world. The Banner Saga is being developed by Stoic after being successfully funded on Kickstarter, and the developers (experienced veterans who created their own indie studio) promise this game will feature intriguing character customization options, a complex system of classic tactical gameplay, and a mature story that changes depending on what choices you make while conversing with other characters both within your clan and without. If classic turn-based strategy in a mature Norse fantasy world sounds like something you’d enjoy, get excited for The Banner Sage when it (hopefully) comes to the Mac and the PC this November.

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In Pictures: The 21 PC games that matter most, right now

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