In Pictures: The evolution of the tablet PC

We live in explosively innovative times for tablet computing and mobile apps. But it didn't all happen overnight. Most attempts to build a tablet-like computer, going back to the '70s, were not successful. Yet every failure was a lesson learned that led us to the iPad. Here's a look back at how the modern tablet came to be.

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Windows 8 Tablets (2012)

Windows 8 is not available yet (it will launch on Oct. 26), but the buzz has reached a fever pitch because THIS is the Windows that will finally work on touch-screen tablets (both x86 and ARM processors). Hardware makers such as Lenovo, Samsung and Asus have Windows 8 tablets in the works and Microsoft has also taken matters into its own hands with Surface, a Microsoft-branded Windows 8 tablet. The tablets will feature the new Windows 8 tile-based user interface, run full versions of Office and will be the size of iPads or even bigger. No 7-inch weenies here.

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