In Pictures: Six of the rarest Macs

Many Macs are uncommon or hard to find today, but for the sake of brevity (and for fear of the dreaded TL;DR), I’ve decided to examine six of the rarest among them.

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Twentieth Anniversary Mac (1997)

Released to commemorate Apple’s 20 years in business, Apple’s designers seemingly spared no expense in creating the Twentieth Anniversary Mac.

This futuristic machine packed thin laptop-grade components (and Apple’s first desktop LCD display) into a sleek golden-bronze case that integrated a vertically mounted CD-ROM drive. Its keyboard even featured leather palm rests, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Accordingly, Apple priced this limited-edition model as a high-end luxury item. At $7499 per unit (about $10,812 in today’s dollars), very few consumers bought the machine until Apple drastically reduced its price the following year.

The luxury aspect of the Twentieth Anniversary Mac adds considerably to the collectable cachet of a machine that people perceived (however debatably) as pushing the technological envelope.

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In Pictures: Six of the rarest Macs

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