In pictures: the new Rdio app for iOS and Android

Rdio's mobile apps get a big update to match the modern Web interface

  • If you've been using Rdio for a while on your Apple or Android smartphone, check for an update -- because you're in for a treat. The new Rdio app, now at version 2.0.0, gives mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets and smartphones, the same clean look and feel that the recently-revitalised Web interface has.

  • When you first load up the new app, song metadata (track and artist info, and so on) is re-downloaded for all the songs in your collection.

  • The app loads into the Heavy Rotation screen by default, with large album art tiles and only the most relevant information -- album name, artist, and album length.

  • The pop-out menu, which is accessible from the top left corner of the screen, has the familiar list of go-to items, although the ordering of the list is biased towards finding new music with the Heavy Rotation, Top Charts and New Releases options above Collection and History.

  • The Top Charts page follows the same style as Heavy Rotation, with the list organised by the most popular albums -- or songs, or artists, or playlists -- on Rdio at the time.

  • New Releases is in the same format again, but can be adjusted to show music from this week, last week, or two weeks ago.

  • The Now Playing screen has been cleaned up with a simpler, brighter, whiter interface, and top-of-screen controls that are more consistent with the rest of the app, with corner icons bringing up menus or displaying different sub-screens.

  • The Collection page retains its simple style, although like the rest of the app the font has changed to match the Web interface.

  • Playlists are, like the Collection, clean, with contextual options squeezed into corners.

  • The Queue menu, when empty, prompts you to choose some songs to listen to.

  • Once you've got music queued up, it's divided into a Now Playing and Play Later list, divided by individual track or by album if you've got several songs from the same artist ready to go.

  • The settings screen remains the same, although syncing songs and playlists has been moved out into its own Sync option.

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