In Pictures: Gearhead. Weird Websites

Here are some fine examples of the madness of the Internet.

  • Out there on the 'Net there are many strange people willing to be seen doing things that normal, ostensibly sane people wouldn't dream of doing. Here are some fine examples of the madness of the Internet. Peruse them as a warning of how things can easily get out of hand and tell of any other sites you think should be included in out next round up.

  • The World's First Jet Powered Beer Cooler - Keeping your beer really cold is a challenge. But Simon Jansen found a solution that relied on the fact that when liquid rapidly expands into a gas it extracts heat from its surroundings. Simon used a gas turbine to drain the propane tank as fast as possible. This created a serious cooling effect in the water bath surrounding the tank in which he placed his beer. Simon noted: "The final result after running the engine for about 5 minutes … The engine itself will run at up to 100,000 rpm with exhaust temperatures of around 500 C and noise levels in excess of 125 dBA. The beer is successfully chilled to a nice cool 2 C."

  • This Peanut Looks like a Duck - Ever notice a pattern in, say, the clouds or the leaves on a tree? Maybe something like a face? Well, a couple by the name of Shannon and Caitlin see ducks. They have squash that looks like a duck as well as a Yorkshire pudding, a gourd, a Korean storm drain, and a slice of Italian bread. These people need help.

  • Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things - This has to be one of the best Tumblelogs I've ever seen! Created by an anonymous, deranged art director, this Tumbler blog is nothing more than photographs of the late, pudgy, sunglasses-wearing North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Il looking at things. No, really, he looked at lots of things. A lot. He was a noted looker. In the picture above he was looking at pizza dough. Why? No idea. But he was doing it very well. The Tumblelog spawned a book and I think I speak for all of us when I say, we await the TV series. And the stage play. And the movie.

  • Extreme Ironing - The site's intro says it all: "Welcome to the home of extreme ironing - the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt." Yes, this is where you can see people who think there's nothing so strange about combining ironing with snorkeling in a bog, or running a marathon, or ironing underwater in Madagascar, or ironing in Death Valley. We salute you, extreme ironers ... he said ironically.

  • StuffOnMyCat - Have you ever had the desire upon seeing a somnolent, supine feline, to place random assorted objects upon said animal and then photograph it? Nope, neither have I but there is apparently an underground society of people who are so inclined. And who are we to judge? The cats seem happy enough piled, as they are, with fruit, or with Lego helicopters strapped to them, or covered in socks, or sporting a glass of Merlot balanced on their shoulders.

  • - You know that moment just after you mistakenly click on the "no" button in response to the question "Do you want to save this file?" Or when you realize that you accidentally ran a red light and it's one of those junctions with cameras? What's the first thing you say? Yep, you say "Nooooooooooooooo!" This Web site takes all the effort out of that exclamation. All you have to do is hit the big blue button and you'll hear Darth Vader howling over Padme's death. If "Nooooooooooooooo!" was good enough for Vader, it should be good enough for you.

  • Worst Jobs - Not the greatest looking Web site, but if you're down about what you do for a living, check out Worst Jobs. As the site explains: "No matter how awful your boss is, at least he doesn’t chop off your head when you do something wrong. Nor does he ask you to wade through the sewers, handle entrails and offal, or stick your arm into the warm, cavernous bowels of large farm animals." On a bad work day, this site could give you a new perspective. That is, if your boss isn't watching your every move ...

  • Virtual Bubble Wrap - While we're on the topic of work and stress, here's a good stress reliever: Virtual bubble wrap. Yep, there's nothing quite like the feeling of popping a few thousand bubble wrap bubbles to blow off a little frustration. Try the "Manic Mode" for even greater "popularity."

  • This is Why I'm Broke - This site isn't, in itself, weird but many of the featured products are weird, crazy, or crazy expensive. It takes a strong person to turn down something as righteously cool as Zombie Hand Goblets ($34.95 each) or an R2D2 robe ($69.95) or a Jedi bathrobe ($77.91). But those are small beer compared to the Space Invaders Couch ($5,000), the Dolphin Power Boat ($65,000), or the Water Jet Pack ($100,000). Yep, this site has all of the junk, er, highly desirable products you could ever dream of.

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