Unboxing the Kobo Aura HD

We've got our hands on Kobo's luxury e-reader

  • Kobo has targeted the top end of the e-reading market with the new Aura HD. It's a 6.8-inch e-reader with a front-lit ComfortLight screen, which is also the highest-resolution screen that's ever been used in an e-reader. The Aura HD comes in a simple, nondescript box that's nice to look at.

  • On the back you've got all the salient details -- the Aura HD has an E-Ink touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi, 4GB of memory onboard and a battery that should two months with half an hour's daily use.

  • Inside the box, you've got the Aura HD itself. It's a simple device with a thick lower bezel for holding the e-reader without accidentally activating the touchscreen.

  • You get a tiny manila folder with all the Aura HD's warranty information and user guides, and a Micro-USB cable with a nice braided fabric coating.

  • And here's the Aura HD in the flesh. This is the e-reader in the middle of reading Moby Dick, with the ComfortLight display lighting activated.

  • Apart from the touchscreen, these are the only two buttons on the Kobo Aura HD. There's a sliding switch to turn the Aura HD on, send it to sleep, or power it off, and a button to activate or deactivate the ComfortLight.

  • And on the bottom you've got a microSD card slot, and Micro-USB for PC connectivity and charging. We'll have a full review of the Kobo Aura HD soon, so stay tuned.

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