In Pictures: Time-saving PC tips and tricks

What’s the best way to tell an expert PC user apart from a bumbling amateur? The expert doesn’t waste time.

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Some people tend to the cables and twist-ties trailing behind their desks as if they were Zen garden elements, raking and pruning every last one. Cable management need not be such an ordeal. Follow these three simple steps whenever you connect a new device to your PC, and you'll find cable bliss.

First, label each cable. Masking tape and a pen will do, or use a label maker. Attach a label at each end, so they'll be easily identifiable at the device and at the power outlet. Speaking of power outlets, label your chargers and wall-warts next.

Finally, prevent cable chaos by setting up some simple routing. You don’t need anything fancy: Running cords through a used paper towel roll could do the trick.

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