In Pictures: 20 free PC apps to ease daily tasks

Some of the best things in a PC lover's life are indeed free, but they're not always obvious.

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Eraser Once Unlocker sets files free, Eraser lets you, well, erase them. For folks who handle sensitive data or simply love the feel of tinfoil hats—hey, I'm one of you—Eraser's ability to delete data securely and permanently will be welcome indeed.

What's more, Eraser lets you choose how many times you'd like to overwrite a file. Looking for a simple, single pseudo-random data pass? Maybe a Department of Defense-approved, three-times-through-the-shredder, or the full-on, 35-pass Gutmann treatment? Eraser's got you covered.

The fact that Eraser embeds itself in your right-click context menu and allows scheduled wiping of specific folders and files is just icing on the permanent-deletion cake. Again, though: Be careful where you point this thing. What's erased can't be unerased.

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