In pictures: The unsung women of technology

Sure, you've heard of Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper. But how about Frances Allen, Deborah Estrin or Radia Perlman?

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Deborah Estrin: Embedded sensor pioneer

Deborah Estrin is a pioneer in the field of embedded network sensing, which connects a collection of small microprocessors, around the size of Matchbox cars, to sensing devices like infrared cameras, motion detectors and acoustic and chemical sensors. Those devices, spread over a wide area, monitor the area to detect and record changes. This is related to technology used in "smart" home devices.

Estrin is the director of the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing. Research projects range from using ENS techniques to identify sources of biological and chemical pollutants to using the power of mobile phones for participatory urban sensing, where people choose what to collect and analyze. She was named one of Popular Science's “Brilliant 10” in 2003.

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In pictures: The unsung women of technology

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