In Pictures: Lenovo Miix 2

Windows 8.1 and Office Home on an 8-inch touchscreen tablet for under $300

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RECORDING SOUND/VIDEO WAS LESS THAN IDEAL I recorded audio of myself speaking, using the Windows 8 app Sound Recorder and the Miix 2’s built-in mic. The resulting clips had a low buzzing in the background. I plugged a microphone into the audio connector, tried again, and got the same buzzing. This noise wasn’t terribly distracting, but it was obvious. I recorded a few video clips with the cameras, and found that there was a low fluttering sound in the audio when the clips were played back, whether the clip was recorded using the tablet’s built-in mic or an external microphone. The volume level of this flutter was faint, not as loud as the buzzing from the audio-only recordings.

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In Pictures: Lenovo Miix 2

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