In Pictures: MacGyver IT - 21 tools for IT heroes

On the road, under duress, or out in the boonies -- save the day with these essential IT troubleshooting and repair tools

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Retractable cable collection That rat’s nest of cables in my backback keeps hanging me up in TSA security lines, and collectively it’s quite heavy. This year, I’ve started swapping out cable coils for a smaller collection of retractables. Tera Grand offers a nice collection, and I’ve started with the 3-conductor power and the network (pictured) retractables. And the network retractable isn’t a flat cable that’s going to create crosstalk problems like flat cheap-os do. They claim CAT7, but I’m leaning toward CAT5e at best. I bought mine from Amazon, but I’m sure you can find them at any gear shop. (Note: TSA has said laying out these cables in a grid pack to keep them separate would mean way less hassles in...

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