In Pictures: CEOs Microsoft missed

In Satya Nadella, Microsoft played it sensible. Here are the Ballmer successors we tech wags wanted to make our Redmond-flogging jobs a little easier

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8. Tony “I Wish I Was Gates” Bates This college dropout has attempted to mirror Bill Gates’ climb to filthy richness with limited success. He oversaw Skype’s transition from an important independent communication channel to a tertiary Microsoft property that will be absorbed by Lync, causing Skype’s employees to lose their jobs -- great experience for a future Microsoft CEO since the company started a regular cadence of layoffs, er, “reductions in force” whenever senior executives need to prove a stock increase during the week their bonuses are calculated. He’s famous for having made a list of three companies he’d like to lead as CEO before turning 45, though few know that’s because he was drunk and passed out before he could get to four. Think of how fun this guy would’ve been.

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In Pictures: CEOs Microsoft missed

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