In Pictures: 15 things we hate about Java

Slow startup times, null pointers, security flaws -- Java's ongoing success leaves plenty to complain about

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Punctuation If there's one major difference between Java and the newcomers, it’s the punctuation. Java programs are filled with curly brackets, semicolons, and parentheses that other languages like Groovy or Ruby do well without. Not that punctuation lovers don’t have a legitimate beef with languages like Python that use arcane white-space rules to signify the same separations between expressions and blocks that punctuation does in Java, but still, most programmers just can't stand the punctuation. They see it as visual noise -- and an opportunity for the compiler to scold and scold again. This disconnect means there may be no easy solution beyond letting some folks use Groovy and others use plain old Java. At least their code can compile into the same JAR.

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In Pictures: 15 things we hate about Java

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