Photos: Samsung's next generation of connected home appliances

Samsung has showcased its next-generation of home appliances by fitting out a luxury home.

  • The Samsung Discovery House, a temporary installation in the Sydney suburb of Vaucluse, brimmed with the latest products Samsung has to offer Australians.

  • Celebrity chef and Samsung brand ambassador, Guillaume Brahimi, demonstrated the functionality of Samsung's fridges, ovens, microwaves, induction cooktops and more.

  • Samsung Neo 50L Compact Steam Oven (Top) The Samsung Neo 50L Compact Steam Oven combines the full function of a conventional oven and a steamer providing the home cook more options for creating tasty, healthy meals for family and friends. Key Features: - Easily select from 21 built in cooking functions and 40 auto cook programs
    - Compact in size, but large in capacity with a sizeable 50L to fit large sized dishes
    - Built-in Steam Clean Function, helping to make cleaning the oven a breeze
  • Samsung Neo 70L Dual Cook Oven (Bottom) The Samsung Neo 70L Dual Cook Oven makes it possible to prepare two different dishes at different temperatures at the same time, like a roast on in the bottom tray and a creme brulee baking on top. Key features: - Built into the oven is 33 convenient cooking functions and 25 auto cook programs
    - Roasting meat is now easier than ever with the Pro Roasting Mode which sears and seals-in juices while cooking
    - Stress less about cleaning the oven after baking with Pyrolytic Clean which super heats the oven, burning off grease and grime
  • Samsung's range of microwave ovens certainly don't detract from a room's decorum.

  • Samsung 32L Black Finish Convection Microwave (MC324GAKCBB) The Samsung 32L Black Finish Convection Microwave helps create gourmet meals. Whether steaming vegetables or crisping food, this can all be done in Samsung’s new convection microwave. Key features: - Cook fast, healthy meals with the Steam Cooking function which pumps steam into the oven to gently envelop and heat food while it cooks
    - Enjoy crisp food, with less guilt with the Slim Fry function which combines the grill and circulating warm air to crisp food using minimal oil
    - BaseMax technology replaces the traditional spin tray with a crisp white glass that creates an easy to clean surface that utilises the entire oven space. The Ceramic Inside offers an easy clean, non-stick, scratch resistant interior and also comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Samsung 32 L Convection Microwave (MC32F6C6TCT) The Samsung Convection Microwave is perfect for those with minimal time on their hands. Features including an easy clean ceramic interior and multiple cooking functions such as slim fry and yogurt maker and a smart multi sensor. Key features: - Smart Multi Sensor function that helps to minimise over and under cooking whether reheating or defrosting
    - Features a variety of functions helping you to cook a range of foods including the Slim Fry function that can cook potato chips with minimal oil
    - Ceramic Inside offers an easy clean, non-stick, scratch resistant interior and also comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator The Food Showcase is Samsung’s premium side-by-side refrigerator that allows you to access frequently used items (such as milk) quickly using the convenient ShowCase door. Key features: - There are two ways to access your food – Showcase for frequently used foods, Innercase for bigger, lasting items
    - Counter depth design
    - All Around Cooling technology – cooling air flows from multiple outlets helping to provide even cooling through the refrigerator
  • Shelving is detachable for convenience.

  • Samsung Sparkling Counter Depth Refrigerator Samsung’s four-door refrigerator is equipped with an in-built sparkling water dispenser, powered by SodaStream. The new sparkling water model is counter depth, designed to fit within a wide range of Australian kitchens. Key features: - Perfect for entertainers, select from three levels of sparkling carbonation as well as chilled still water with a touch of a button
    - Designed to fit into your kitchen – the sophisticated counter depth design can easily fit in most Aussie kitchens
    - Middle counter-height draw creates four flexible compartments and is easily accessible for kids, making it a convenient place to store items such as fruit drinks and snacks
  • Samsung 15 Place Setting Dishwasher The Samsung 15 place dishwasher features Samsung’s Storm Wash cleaning system, which minimises the need for pre-washing your dishes before using the dishwasher, so you can stack items straight away. Key features: - Full Flex Tine and detachable 3rd Rack Cutlery Tray means you can fit in larger plates, bowls and trays by adjusting the space inside your dishwasher
    - Flexible stacking storage with a removable three tier cutlery rack making stacking a breeze
    - 36cm Big Dish load capacity allows you to fit everything from baking trays, pizza trays to casserole dishes
  • Samsung's new range of washing machines benefit from wireless connectivity technologies.

  • Samsung 9kg Front Load (WW9000) Washer Samsung’s new 9kg front load machine not only looks great but also features WiFi compatibility and a beautiful 5-inch full touch LCD screen. Key features: - Large 360mm wide door, with 170 Degree opening for easy loading and unloading
    - Specialty Cycles including Gardening, Kids Wear & Cooking and 14 wash programs
    - Auto Dosage Detergent Dispenser
  • Samsung Super Capacity washer dryer combo Up to 15kg can be washed all at once, leaving more time to do the things you love. Key features: - Powerbubble - giving you the power to wash up to 15kg with confidence
    - Built-in Condensor Dryer with 8kg load capacity
    - WiFi Smart Control & Smart Check and an 8in Full Touch LCD Screen
    - Auto Dosage Detergent Dispenser
  • Samsung AR5000 Air Conditioner With a triangle design, the AR5000 delivers improved performance by circulating cool or warm air fast, far and wide. Temperature can also be adjusted on-the-go with the AR5000’s WiFi capabilities. Key features: -The triangular shape helps to ensure optimal air flow. Air flow reaches up to 14 metres for an even cooling or heating. The design also allows for easy installation, quick filter removal and cleaning
    -WiFi functionality (with required app) allowing you to turn the Air Conditioner unit on and off while you’re out-and-about
    -A range of settings that cater to specific conditions, such as Single User Mode that maintains a cosy and comfortable environment by reducing its cooling or heating capacity based on the needs of a single operator
  • The complementary application presents your usage details graphically to better help you budget your electricity usage.

  • Samsung Motion Sync F700 Upright Hybrid with Fully Detachable Handheld This upright vacuum cleaner features a fully detachable handheld vacuum that can be removed from the main body, helping to reach those tight areas around the house and assists in making vacuuming easy. As a whole unit, the vacuum provides powerful cleaning on multiple flooring platforms for specialist cleaning. Key features: - Samsung’s Motion Sync Design - a swivel brush and large, reverse-cambered wheels offer maximum steer-ability to smoothly tackle corners and sharp turns
    - Powerful suction that lasts with Samsung’s Cyclone Force Multi Chamber technology featuring nine inner chambers to that separate dust particles and debris from the air
    - Sleek titanium silver finish and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labour
  • An 11 metre cord offers the freedom needed to vacuum larger areas easily.

  • New Samsung robotic vacuums will be unveiled in April of 2014.

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