In Pictures: Data storage -- then and now

As size of storage drives shrink, capacity increases - dramatically. Here is a look at how data storage it has changed over the last six decades.

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The microSD card -- 128MB to 128GB in under a decade With capacities growing at the rate of 175% annually, and compared with hard disk drive technology -- over 60 years old -- NAND flash memory is still young and on the move.

In 1987, Toshiba announced the first NAND. By 1995, the company introduced a 40MB memory card for cameras. Less than 20 years later, microSD NAND memory cards smaller than a fingernail can store more than one hundred billion bytes of data.

How much can you store on a 128GB NAND flash card? How about 32,000 songs, 27 DVD movies and up to 250,000 photos. While standard planar NAND flash is running up against a capacity wall, 3D NAND promises to continue to grow capacity well into the future.

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In Pictures: Data storage -- then and now

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