In Pictures: 9 reasons users won’t ditch Windows XP

Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP on April 8: Meaning, no more software or security updates for the nearly 13-year-old OS, despite it still holding onto just under 30% of the desktop OS market (according to NetMarketShare). Microsoft wants XP users to upgrade to a newer Windows OS, preferably Windows 8.1. Yet many people are determined to hold on - you’ll have to pry Windows XP from their PC’s cold, dead hard drive. Here are nine reasons why.

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Moving to a new version of Windows from XP could kill an essential program that a business still uses and must have running flawlessly; or a casual user’s favorite application, which may have never been updated to work on later Windows versions.

The two solutions to address this problem have issues: Windows’ so-called “compatibility mode,” which is meant to try to coax old programs to work on newer versions of Windows, hardly ever seems to work. Microsoft provided a means to try to run old applications through a virtual machine on Windows 7, but doesn’t officially support this tool for Windows 8 and 8.1. There are ways to work around this, but it’s not exactly easy to set up.

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In Pictures: 9 reasons users won’t ditch Windows XP

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