In Pictures: 9 reasons users won’t ditch Windows XP

Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP on April 8: Meaning, no more software or security updates for the nearly 13-year-old OS, despite it still holding onto just under 30% of the desktop OS market (according to NetMarketShare). Microsoft wants XP users to upgrade to a newer Windows OS, preferably Windows 8.1. Yet many people are determined to hold on - you’ll have to pry Windows XP from their PC’s cold, dead hard drive. Here are nine reasons why.

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Especially for the casual PC user, there aren’t many compelling applications that require a more recent Windows OS. The exception may be Office 2013, but many people and businesses may be happy to stick with Office 2003 running on XP. Now, for example, if you’re a professional in the graphic design or multimedia field, you probably need to use the latest versions of Adobe applications, but then you probably also already have a PC that’s more than powerful enough for Windows 8.1. The point being, those who are still on XP still at this point may also have little need for the latest versions of whatever applications they’re using on their PCs.

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In Pictures: 9 reasons users won’t ditch Windows XP

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