Computex 2014: Best rip-offs of Samsung, Apple and more

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the adage goes, but we doubt Samsung, HTC and Apple will look kindly on these blatant forgeries.

  • "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," the adage goes, but we doubt Samsung, HTC and Apple will look kindly on these blatant forgeries. Computex 2014 was riddled with knock-off phones, tablets, headphones, televisions, and even one company trying to cash in on another brand. Here is a collection of our favourites.

  • Almost everyone will recognise this smartphone as the HTC One (M7), but this specific knock-off carries the name T9006. The smartphone is a little larger at 6in, and when you flip it over, an ugly plastic and white body reassures you this is not at One-levels of beauty.

  • Jawbone's Big Jambox is one of our favourite Bluetooth speakers. We love the sound, the ease of use and the distinct patterns assigned to the grille of different colour Jamboxes. This forgery isn't spot on, but it comes pretty close, even mimicking the different grille designs.

  • It is one thing to knock-off a product, but an entirely other thing to poach another company's identity. This store here looks like a Lenovo store, has a badge with similar lettering as Lenovo's, and even sells products similar in appearance and function to Lenovo, such as the gorgeous Yoga 2. Meet Langda, the most audacious con-company at Computex.

  • The design of Samsung's S9 UHD television dropped jaws when it was announced; however, that may have been because of the $40000 price. A company called Ouigo will sell this knock off for significantly less at US$13000, but this isn't actually a television.

  • It comes with this projector coffee tablet, deeming the Ouigo television a screen only.

  • These are Beats Audio headphones. Whoops, we mean "Replay Audio" headphones. Wink, wink.

  • Samsung had no presence at this year's Computex, but at the same time the company was everywhere. This smartwatch clearly inherits its design from the Samsung Galaxy Gear. (Computex brimmed with Galaxy Gear knock-offs.)

  • This looks like a TomTom and NIke sports watch. The lettering almost makes out 'TomTom', but alas, it isn't. What you're looking at is the T-Fire smartwatch from a company called Eink.

  • These headphones are convincingly styled to look like Sennheiser's lauded Momentum headphones, but we doubt they sound anywhere near as good.

  • The most popular product to be ripped off was Apple's iPad. But the front of this iPod was pretty convincing.

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