From Mustangs to gaming laptops: The best of Computex 2014

The next generation is lighter, powerful and wearable.

  • Good Gear Guide was on the show floor at this year's Computex in Taiwan. We've put together this extensive slide show of interesting, quirky and downright-awesome gear.

  • Asus has been at the forefront of hybrid notebooks-tablets for some time now, and the Transformer Book T300 Chi is the culmination of all the company has learned in the space. It is, by Asus' assessment, the world's thinnest 12.5in 2-in-1 detachable laptop.

  • The 12.2in detachable runs Windows 8.1, has a rich 2560x1440 IPS display, support for 4G LTE technology and is powered by an Intel processor; however, Asus has yet to disclose which one.

  • Ford's upcoming Mustang was a show-stopper this year, for both its stunning looks and its innovative technology.

  • The Mustang will use Wi-Fi to communicate with other compatible cars and features a voice control system used to manage mobile applications.

  • A company called Liva displayed a mini PC Kit assembled within six steps.

  • The small PC is built upon Intel's Bay Trail-M system on a chip (SoC), has 2GB of DDR3L RAM, 32GB of eMMC storage, a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port, a Gigabit LAN connection, a HDMI port and a VGA output.

  • Asus is doing to the computer monitor what Samsung and LG are doing to the television market with the largest curved LED computer monitor.

  • The 32in monitor has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution greater than Full HD at 2560x1440.

  • This black behemoth is large, even for a 3D printer. A closer look reveals there's more to it.

  • CometrueJet is the company behind this award-winning printer. It combines an ink-jet printhead for full-coloured 3D prints.

  • Wearables were present in abundance, but only Qualcomm's Toq smartwatch was recognised with a Taiwan excellence award. The smartwatch is compatible with Android smartphones and primarily feeds glanceable notifications to users.

  • Philips has a different take on monitors, but it is one we revere. Rather than having one long and flat monitor, the company has fused two flat panels together at an angle. This improves ergonomics and, in some cases, could improve employee productivity.

  • Nor is it an eyesore with its contrasting colour scheme and its flattering stand.

  • Computer cases rarely make cool lists, but this proves to be the exception. It's from In Win and features an open-air chassis.

  • What is most striking is how the chassis is forged from a single metal sheet, and is framed by transparent glass. The idea is the inside of your computer is as beautifully designed as it is on the outside.

  • Gigabite's gaming brand Aorus nabbed the 'World's lightest gaming laptop' title with the X3, a powerful gaming notebook that has a 13in form factor. Technically, two X3 variants are offered by Aorus. The first is the 13.3in X3, which comes with a 2560x1440 display, while a 13.9in X3 Plus comes with a 2560x1440 or a 3200x1800 resolution screen. Both X3 units use a Sharp IGZO panel, which is renowned for its ability to deliver punchy colours without draining battery.

  • Inside the notebook are impressive specs. The processor is a 4th generation Intel Core i7 running at 2.5-3.5GHz; two slots can accommodate 16GB of DDR3 RAM; there’s a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX870M graphics adapter with 6GB of graphics memory, and a pair of 512GB solid state drives working together in a RAID 0 configuration for 1TB of storage. All of this inside a perfectly portable 13in notebook that can be used daily.

  • Modders and gamers will appreciate this seemingly inconspicuous desk from Lian Li, with the DK-02X being featured here. It does have one brilliant party trick: it houses serious computing hardware.

  • The insides of your computer are organised to the "desk's" template. A slew of USB 3.0 ports, along with headphone and microphones jacks, are conveniently located on the left/right sides of the tray for a clean set-up.

  • The BioMan shirt takes the ethos of wearable technology one step further. It captures a plethora of metrics on your well-being and transmits them to your smartphone/tablet wirelessly through a stainless steel fiber.

  • MSI is ramping up its gaming presence with a new flagship called the GT72. Company representatives claim it will represent a slight upgrade in hardware over the GT70, but the new gear will be wrapped in an attractive and lighter body.

  • ARM showcased an intuitive proof-of-concept. A smartphone works with pressure sensors to anticipate the things you do. A wireless charging pad is built into the furniture of this photo, and a home network is being used to display a tablet-version of the smartphone's interface on a television. Pressure sensors can be placed in the cushioning of couches to turn on the TV when you sit down, while lights lined on items, such as an umbrella bin or a hat stand, will glow if needed based on weather recommendations from your smartphone.

  • AMD has developed a slim Nano PC that rests on your TV or monitor. It's powerful enough to run Windows 8.1 and play Fifa 14 at 1080p resolution, and can stream audio to Bluetooth speakers.

  • Details on the Nano PC are scarce. What we know is it runs AMD's next-gen Mullins APU, has 60GB of SSD storage and 2GB of DDR3 RAM.

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