In Pictures: The many looks of the Apple Watch

Apple's new smartwatch is highly customisable. Here's a look at the possible adaptations available to customers.

  • One of the many things Apple got right with its new Watch is that it plans to give consumers the option to choose between varying styles and multiple bands. A watch is in many ways a personal fashion statement, and releasing a one-style-fits-all device a la the Moto 360 is arguably a bad strategy. The Apple Watch thankfully comes in assortment of styles, from sporty to chic. There are about 21 different looks users can choose from once the device goes on sale in early 2015. Here’s what they all look like.

  • Aluminum casing with a pink sports band This one is from Apple's sports collection.

  • Rose gold casing with a bright red leather strap From Apple's premium collection, this has the makings of an elegant time piece. The band is red leather and features a gold buckle.

  • Black stainless steel with a link chain A timeless look for those interested in an elegant design that doesn't draw too much attention.

  • Stainless steel with a light brown leather loop A versatile-looking watch with a nice shade of classic brown leather.

  • Aluminum casing with a blue sports band Another option from Apple's collection of sports watches.

  • Rose Gold casing with grey leather This one may very well be the most elegant of all of Apple's watch designs. The Rose Gold matches up perfectly with the grey leather strap and the gold buckle.

  • Aluminum casing with a Milanese band Another classic look from way back in the day, this one featuring a nice and subtle Milanese band that doesn't scream too loudly.

  • Classic Black Buckle Nothing too fancy here, just Apple's Watch paired up with a classic black leather strap.

  • Aluminum casing with a green sports band With all of the built-in health and fitness features, it makes sense why Apple has a broad array of sports-themed designs.

  • Stainless steel casing with a stone leather loop band A bit of a rugged look for a high-tech watchpiece.

  • Pink strap with a modern buckle Nothing too crazy here, just a pink strap with a standard watch buckle.

  • Stainless steel casing with a bright blue leather loop A different take on the stone leather design, this one also has an element of ruggedness to it.

  • Rose Gold casing with a midnight blue strap Another elegant option from some of Apple's more high-end watch selections. The rose gold paired with the blue strap is nice. The band here features a classic buckle design.

  • Gold with a black sports band Apple is mixing it up here. They have the elegance of the Rose Gold casing paired up with the active sports band.

  • Aluminum casing with a black sports band An understated look with a nice black-on-black color scheme.

  • Brown modern buckle Pretty standard watchband here.

  • Midnight Blue modern buckle Another standard offering from Apple's middle of the road Apple Watch lineup.

  • Rose Gold with a white sports band Another mix and match offering from Apple. This one features an elegant Rose Gold casing with a more sporty white strap.

  • Stainless steel casing with a metal loop band A standard yet timeless offering – reliable stainless steel with a modern loop band.

  • Aluminum casing with a black sports band Another option from Apple's sport line of watches.

  • Aluminum casing with a white sports band And last but not least, a classic Aluminum on white color scheme.

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