Lenovo goes nuts on innovation, introduces Yoga tablet with built-in projector and loads more

The number one PC maker has incorporated masses of user feedback to make its Yoga products noticeably better, especially for entertainment

  • The 8in Yoga Tablet 2 in 'hang' mode.

  • The Yoga 3 Pro sitting comfortably as a laptop.

  • A close-up of the watchband hinge.

  • The hinge is strong enough to keep the tablet flat, even in mid-air. And, as you can see, even at 13.3 inches, the Yoga 3 Pro is light enough to hold like this with one hand (while using the other hand to hold a compact camera steady enough to get a shot off).

  • We can't get enough of this hinge.

  • Flipping the Yoga 3 Pro the other way.

  • The 13.3in Yoga Tablet 2 Pro's built-in projector can do a 50in screen from 2m.

  • The Intel bar looked after us.

  • The keyboard attached to the tablet via a magnetic hinge.

  • The 10in Yoga Tablet 2 running Windows and an Atom CPU. The keyboard accessory is a must for serious typing, and feels very comfortable to hit.

  • We were tethered to a table and couldn't get it to 2m away, so this is the best we could get. The quality looks to be quite impressive.

  • Ashton looking through the live feed at the projections from the Tablet 2 Pro.

  • A live demo of a line of users projecting from their Yoga Tablet 2 Pro.

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