In Pictures: 8 great ways to celebrate Raspberry Pi’s 3rd birthday

Launched in February 2012 Raspberry Pi has sold more than 5 million units

  • Happy Pi Day! Has it really been three years? The Raspberry Pi has been through several updates, new models and sold more than 5 million units since its launch in February 2012 – sounds like a good excuse for a party to us! Here are some suggestions for a fun Pi Day.

  • Play Elite One of the major early backers of the Raspberry Pi project was David Braben, PC gaming pioneer and creator of the classic spaceship title Elite. An open-source version, Oolite, is still available to play for free, but if you’ve got money and a modern computer, you might try the swanky, impressive new reboot, Elite: Dangerous.

  • Make an actual raspberry pie little on the nose, sure, but hey, it’s a party, right? And who doesn’t like pie? (Me, actually. I don’t like pie. But everybody else seems to, so rock on! Make mine a chicken pot pie and we’ll talk.)

  • Build a home theater PC Or anything at all, really – the Pi can be used in a vast number of different ways. Here are a few we looked at a while ago. The important thing is, build something!

  • Get hitched! And coincidentally make every other geeky dude’s proposal look AWFUL by comparison. Seriously. Wow. This guy’s got the ring in there, retrievable via a little magnetic handle to not give the game away, and this adorable presentation for the proposal itself.

  • Teach the joys of computers The whole idea of the Raspberry Pi is to be an educational tool! The Raspberry Pi Foundation offers some lesson plans and other teaching ideas.

  • Brew some beer Or if you’d rather kill some brain cells instead, there’s always beer – use the BrewPi as a handy aid for your first, stumbling attempts to brew your own ales and lagers. Suggested beer names: Pi Pilsner, Raspberry Pi-PA, etc.

  • Put on a light show OK, this is for Christmas, but Happy Birthday is simpler and shorter, if you don’t have any experience programming your own light shows. (And, really, who does?)

  • Play a game Or maybe you just want some kicking-back entertainment, in which case, the Pi’s still got you covered – you’ve got lots of options for light and retro fare, but perhaps none better than RetroPie, which aims to be a one-stop shop for emulation on the Raspberry Pi.

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