Nine exciting smartphones and more from MWC

Next-gen products from Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Intel and much more

  • [[artnid:569232|Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge]] Expect big differences with the upcoming Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. Samsung started from scratch with the new smartphones. During development Samsung employees referred to it as ‘Project Zero’. Admittedly some features had to be sacrificed. Both Galaxys lack expandable storage, removable batteries and waterproofing credentials. Then again, so do most of the smartphones on the market. Samsung has focused instead on... [[artnid:569232|Read the full article here]]
  • [[artnid:569327|HTC One (M9)]] HTC has been the recipient of some serious flak for its One (M9). Internet pundits are calling the smartphone out for retaining the design principles of the One (M8). We don’t believe timeless design is punishable – and the design of the One (M8) is timeless. And yet our first impression of the One (M9) is tainted by a lining that is sour. Metal makes a return for the One (M9). HTC has been promoting the... [[artnid:569327|Read our full first impression article by clicking here]]
  • [[artnid:566411|LG Watch Urbane]]

    The LG Watch Urbane takes the powerful components of the G Watch R and dresses them in a formal stainless body finished in polished silver or gold.

    The changes made to the Urbane are cosmetic. LG’s official press release describes it as a “luxury timepiece” and “not an electronic gadget”.

    Markings defacing the face of the older G Watch R are gone. Instead...

    [[artnid:566411|Click here for the full article]]
  • [[artnid:569566|Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet]] Emerging amidst rumours Sony will be pulling out of the smartphone space is the Xperia Z4 Tablet. The powerful, thin and light slate is the best assertion yet the company is not exiting anything anytime soon. The Xperia Z4 Tablet is the thinnest and lightest tablet worldwide in its 10.1-inch category. The slate is whisker thin at 6.1mm and light at 389 grams. Typically thin devices drop features as they lose weight. Somehow the Z4 Tablet appears to be the exception... [[artnid:569566|Read our full first impression article by clicking here]]
  • [[artnid:569305|Microsoft Lumia 640]] Many changes have been made to the Lumia 640 and, much in the same way Motorola revamped its Moto G, Microsoft has focused on improving the smartphone’s multimedia repertoire. The screen is a larger 5-inches and has a higher 1280x720 resolution. The resulting 294 pixel-per-inch (ppi) density is greater than the 218ppi achieved by the Lumia 635. Cramming more pixels into each inch improves the clarity of the software, photos and videos. Something that isn’t clearly quantified on smartphone spec sheets is... [[artnid:569305|Read our full first impression article by clicking here]]
  • [[artnid:569658|Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition for Galaxy S6]]

    Virtual Reality is about to go mainstream with a revised iteration of Samsung’s Gear VR designed specifically for its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

    The original Gear VR was more a proof of concept than a widespread phenomenon. It worked only with Samsung’s niche Note phablet. Not the Note Edge either, just the Note 4.

    Turns out interest in virtual reality...

    [[artnid:569658|Click here to read the full 'first impressions' article]]
  • [[artnid:569209|Huawei Watch]] Huawei has increased its investment in the nascent wearable market by unveiling three devices at the Mobile World Congress. Headlining the company’s upcoming range of wearables is the Huawei Watch, which will surely be to the chagrin of Apple executives and loyalists as it shares the same moniker. Huawei chief executive Richard Yu said the Watch’s design has been inspired by old school timepieces. It has a... [[artnid:569209|Read the full article by clicking here]]
  • [[artnid:569447|BlackBerry Leap]] Young professionals on a budget are being targeted by BlackBerry as it expands its inexpensive smartphone portfolio with a 5-inch device called the BlackBerry Leap. BlackBerry describes the Leap as “an affordable, all touch smartphone”. Its 16:9 touchscreen spans 5-inches, has a 1280x720 resolution and a 294 pixel-per-inch density. Processing innards are... [[artnid:569447|Read the full article by clicking here]]
  • [[artnid:563240|LG GFlex2]]

    LG's new GFlex 2 smartphone is built in the spirit of flip handsets, with curvy contours to make chatting on the phone more convenient.

    Beyond the sleek 5.5-inch screen, the smartphone offers some of the most advanced mobile technologies available, said Frank Lee, manager at LG, during a press conference at CES.

    The smartphone has a ...

    [[artnid:563240|Click here for the full article]]
  • Bonus: [[artnid:569323|Intel SoFIA]] Intel executives have conceded that they still haven't caught up with Qualcomm in designing processors for smartphones and tablets. But with new "SoFIA" Atom X3 systems-on-a-chip (SoCs), along with the new "Cherry Trail" Atom X5 and X7, Intel's getting closer. Although all three products share the Atom name, they really represent two different product families. Intel's Atom X3 is Intel's best hope for the smartphone market, as the SoC contains an integrated 3G radio along with an application processor. Both the X5 and X7 are more conventional Atom processors, lack an... [[artnid:569323|Read the full article by clicking here]]
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