AIDA64: the easy app that tells you everything you need to know about your Android phone

Go under the hood of your Android phone to check on its hardware and software details

  • If you’re curious to know exactly what’s going on with your Android device, FinalWire’s AIDA64 is a nifty app you’ll want to grab. It delves into the finer details of your system to let you know everything from the specific model of your phone, to exactly how much RAM it has and how fast each CPU core is running. Browse through the following slides to see exactly what this free app can show. It works with smartphones, tablets, Android-based TV devices and smartwatches.

  • CPU information.

  • Display information.

  • Network carrier information.

  • Wireless network information.

  • Battery information.

  • Android version.

  • Device information (includes camera, GPU and CPU information).

  • Temperature report.

  • Installed sensors.

  • More sensors.

  • Installed apps.

  • Installed codecs.

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