Hands-on with AMD's FreeSync: The technology that could kill Nvidia's G-Sync

AMD's open alternative to Nvidia's G-Sync finally arrives. and in force.

  • LG's wide aspect ratio features an IPS panel and FreeSync support

  • Nvidia's G-Sync was first out the gate, but it requires that panel makers use modules that add cost to the bill of materials.

  • It's just a flip of a switch to turn on FreeSync in a panel that supports it.

  • Like G-Sync, once you have FreeSync enabled on a compatible monitor, all you need to do is enable it in the Radeon's control panel.

  • AMD's FreeSync demo exhibits tearing and stuttering when FreeSync is disabled.

  • Even at average frame rates of 250 fps, Codemaster's Grid 2 didn't exhibit any tearing to my eyes.

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