Review: The Lenovo LaVie Z is crazy-light and surprisingly fast

We review the world's lightest 13-inch laptop and find it to be fast, truly light, but weighed down with compromises too.

  • Lenovo’s new LaVie enters the 13-inch club (center) which includes HP’s Envy X360 (left front) Asus’ UX305 (right front) Apple’s Mac Book Air 13 2015 (rear left) and Dell’s XPS 13 2015 with QHD+ touch screen.

  • The Lenovo LaVie Z is truly an amazingly light laptop.

  • It’s how you use it right? The one inch difference between the LaVie and MacBook 12 looks sizable here and makes it even more amazing that the LaVie is lighter.

  • The keyboard is smaller than the other laptop’s I’ve seen and borders on unusable.

  • The LaVie Z makes some odd keyboard decisions.

  • The LaVie Z’s Core i7 higher clock pays off as it’s faster than all other Ultrabooks we’ve seen to date despite its zany light weight.

  • Core i7’s performance in gaming tasks again beats the much heavier compettion although the Spectre x360 comes close (until it heats up that is.)

  • The LaVie Z gives up decent battery life when you consider its weight and screen resolution.

  • To see how the LaVie Z stacks up in ports we, um, stacked, up some leading laptops so you could see at a glance.

  • We forgot to include the MacBook Air 12 right-side view, but it doesn’t matter since you’ve already seen the laptop’s only I/O port right?

  • The Lenovo is truly the lightest 13-inch laptop in the world but is it worth it?

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