Hardcore Hardware: We stuffed this PC with 128GB of cutting-edge DDR4 RAM

Watch us tear down the 64GB barrier in system memory with 128GB of Corsair Dominator DDR4 RAM.

  • Here’s what 128GB of DDR4 looks like.

  • One of the first 128GB DDR4 kits out is Corsair’s Dominator Platinum that’ll set you back $1,980.

  • We needed a beta BIOS for the Asus X99 Deluxe U3.1 to get the 128GB of RAM working in our system

  • If you still don’t believe I got the bottom-feeder Core i7-5820K to work with 128GB of RAM, here’s proof.

  • SSDs: Tremble before the performance of my 100GB RAM disk!

  • 128GB of DDR4 RAM isn’t for everyone but believe it or not, one day it’ll be the norm.

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