The mystery of the iMac's granddaddy: The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

  • In essence, the TAM is an iMac: An all-in-one Mac with the components all held in a vertical case behind the screen.

  • It doesn’t look like a modern computer, either, mind you, but it’s such a weird, rare thing that it’s a glitch in the matrix—you don’t have context or cues to help you decide how old it is.

  • CDs are held vertically, of course, and you’ll note there are buttons for controlling playback and volume of audio CDs on the front of the TAM.

  • Another clue is on the back: connections for TV and FM radio. The TAM had the cards for these built-in, which was unusual, and prefigured Steve Jobs’ “digital hub” strategy by a few years.

  • The original TAMs were delivered in a limo by staff wearing tuxedos, who would set them up for you and show you how to use them.

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