Slideshow: 17 things Nvidia's CEO said at Computex today

All made in Taiwan

  • "We're not really focused on mobile devices anymore" Tegra is now a platform for other people's smaller devices.

  • "If you decide you'd like to have lots of cameras all over your car, and you need lidars and radars and ultrasonics and no driver then you need a super computer in your car" Huang on Nvidia's Drive PX2.

  • Huang and his DGX1, the super computer which writes its own software to train networks. He's clearly never watched The Terminator or played Mass Effect.

  • "In one year we increased the application performance of Deep Learning [AI] by 12x. That is a little bit faster than Moore's Law."

  • Nvidia's DGX1 is the most powerful super computing module in the world according to Huang. Costs $129,000 and does the work of 250 (or $1m worth) of other servers.

  • The era of AI took a very very big jump in the last several years because of three things: 1. Mobile Cloud (and it's data volumes and search tech) 2. A breakthrough in AI algorithm called 'Deep Learning." 3. Using GPU-architecture processing.

  • "The GTX 1080 was available a couple of days ago all over the world. And it was one of the largest initial builds we've ever done. Within several minutes it was sold out everywhere on the planet."

  • "In the last three years, Nvidia's PC Gaming business has doubled."

  • "PC Gaming is not just gaming any more... it's also sports, spectator sports... but one of the most important aspects that we want to revolutionise and nurture, is video game art."

  • Some of the initial Ansel controls for taking pictures within the virtual worlds of the video games.

  • The Ansel Video Game Art file sizes can be huge with massive resolutions.

  • Video game artists are already a thing, but how long before we see galleries pop up selling prints?

  • Hellblade the game is coming. And it's got the most impressive graphics we've seen in gaming yet.

  • A potential problem with Ansel's virtual cameras is that, if not implemented properly, they can be used to cheat and look round corners.

  • Nvidia has spent $2bn and 10,000 man hours building its AI platform. "Craziness" says the man who heads up the company.

  • It's Day 0 of Computex. The show opens tomorrow but, as usual, it's not finished being built yet.

  • This is Computex Hall 1. It's unlikely you'd recognise many of the companies as they aren't sold in the West (unless heavily rebranded).

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