Computex: Gigabyte - 30 cool things we saw

Extreme everything coming our way.

  • A serious case mod.

  • Another great case mod.

  • Gigabyte's Extreme Nvidia 1080 graphics card. Presumably very hard to get.

  • How do you put three fans next to each other when they don't fit? First time we've seen this. It actually becomes three-and-a-half fans!

  • The rear of the card has two extra HDMI ports for a separate VR connection!

  • A collection of ports on the extreme Gigabyte Graphics card.

  • Gigabyte's top-end G1 Series gaming motherboards.

  • Gigabyte's GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming.

  • Gigabyte's new Ultra Durable mainstream motherboards.

  • Gosh... Thunderbolt City. Gigabyte's variety of Thunderbolt power couplings for different form factors.

  • AKiTio's Thunder3 Duo Pro Thunderbolt Drive attached to the Gigabyte-heavy PC.

  • How fast does this go? See next slide.

  • Those Thunderbolt benchmarks up close.

  • Gigabyte's workstation motherboards. Even they look good now thanks to their digital camo styling.

  • How do you make a curved Samsung monitor more interesting? Look behind...

  • Gigabyte HKC X320 Plus. Specs to follow...

  • Specs of the Gigabyte HKC X320 Plus.

  • Gigabyte HKC X320 Plus from behind.

  • Gigabyte's LOOP Gaming AIO Barebone.

  • Gigabyte's LOOP Gaming AIO Barebone specs.

  • A Korean themed case build, half way up the famous 101 building, just after an earthquake.

  • The Gigabyte PC

  • Cable management in the Gigabyte PC.

  • Gigabyte's Auros high-end gaming laptops with multi-coloured LED keyboards.

  • A serious gaming rig with U.2 Intel SSD.

  • Intel's NVMe SSDs up close.

  • The best Gigabyte Brix: The Gaming UHD. It's teeny. But packs a punch. It's running all four of those 4K displays.

  • The Gaming UHD with specs.

  • Some Gigabyte Ultra Compact "Brix" PCs.

  • The Gigabyte Brix on the right is fully featured and has two HDMI ports.

  • Fun fact: Gigabyte's Brix is named after Colin Brix who was Marketing Manager at Gigabyte. Calling it 'The Colin' was apparently a non starter. He's now a Director of Marketing at Corsair.

  • The Professional Brix GTX Pro

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