The best case mods of 2016

Amazing case modding from the world's top trade show

  • ​45 Pictures of amazing Case Mods in 2016

    Case modding is one of the fastest-growing areas in the, erm, PC World. While there have been many on display around the world, probably the greatest number, highest quality and most impressive appeared at Computex in Taiwan. There's something to impress everyone there. Not only did component vendors commission amazing beasts and hold competitions, companies like Thermaltake and Cooler Master went the extra mile to help enable enthusiasts to simply create something special.

    Captain America's shield PC mod went all the way through to the other side.
  • Maciel Barreto's mod for Gigabyte

  • A tank on the Gigabyte stand.

  • This Gigabyte-based mod is modelled on the Korean flag.

  • Asus Ghost Rider (New Version) by "Modder Crow"

  • One of our favourites was this rotating display case mod on the MSI stand. Utterly pointless yet charming.

  • This server rack case mod actually works. It's from iSG Industrial.

  • A charging rack mod from It's from iSG Industrial.

  • This 'Water Cube' mod from a Chinese modder was based on the popular Thermaltake Core P5 chassis.

  • Jengki WMP's Captain America case mod. The shield sticks out the back.

  • They even modded the keyboards. While the mods are functionless, some matched the PCs for style.

  • More Thermaltake keyboard mods. One matches the Captain America PC.

  • Ali Abbas from Germany wanted to portray "strength and stability."

  • Jesse Palacio from the Philippines called this the, "Juggernaut."

  • American Ron Lee Christianson built a "Steampunk Time Machine."

  • Australian Stuart Tonks modded the P5 chassis to look like a Level 10 Titanium chassis.

  • Icewolf from China wanted to combine machine with culture.

  • Four PCs make up one desk on Thermaltake's stand.

  • A double desk Thermaltake mod that's reminiscent of a head-to-head arcade machine.

  • Easily the most garish keyboard we saw.

  • The naked version of Thermaltake's Core P5 case.

  • Thermaltake's Riing 12 system lets you manage up to 48 RBG fans.

  • One of the coolest features of many mods was the opaque liquid cooling fluid. Thermaltake's lab lets you create your own colours.

  • Just some of Thermaltake's modding components.

  • Some of Thermaltake's modding components up close.

  • Modders are becoming celebrities in some quarters. Here Thermaltake is aping the competitive overclocking community.

  • ASRock decided to mod motherboards instead.

  • ASRock modding or decorating?

  • A full size anchor that's larger than the motherboard itself. It must be art.

  • More ASRock battleship motherboard mods.

  • Galax made a truck mod.

  • Galax displays an R2 unit mod.

  • Id-Cooling shows off some funky cases.

  • An Id-Cooling 'generator' PC?

  • Id-Cooling's stand.

  • These cases courtesy of Guangzhou City Wenxin Electronics Co. Ltd.

  • Cooler Master didn't so much mod a PC as make one from Lego.

  • One of the mods on display by HWBot's booth.

  • Thermaltake had a case modding demo. Here we see how to bend cooling pipes using heat from an inverted wallpaper stripper.

  • The popular Enterprise mod.

  • Cooler Master is making cases where modders can switch panels around easily.

  • Cooler Master has made a marketplace for modders to sell their creations 'etsy' style.

  • A gigabyte mod or model?

  • A space battleship PC.

  • Kevin Chen is a celebrity modder who has contributed to building cases from companies like Antec.

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