Computex wrap-up: Cooler Master embraces 'lifestyle' to promote case modding

Awesome main stand. More-reserved new products

  • Cooler Master's public stand was one of the most popular. But its new products were all housed in a separate VIP suite.

  • Cooler Master's VR parachute demo was the highlight of Computex. The user actually felt the chute deploy and then glided in to land.

  • What makes the parachute rig work.

  • Cooler Master's stand featured live stream gaming - the sort of crowd Cooler Master wants to attract rather than being product related.

  • Another crazy part of Cooler Master's public booth - use a controller to aim the robot and fire a ball into the pipes.

  • A non functioning Lego "case mode" on Cooler Master's stand. The stand represented 'lifestyles' the company wanted to speak to.

  • A team of model makers work in Cooler Master's private room. Making custom boxes for guests.

  • The Master Concept 2 enormous case is just a concept at the moment. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the insides. But it was highly modular.

  • A short and squat Master Concept 2 case - still huge though.

  • "Dave Cooper's MasterCase Pro 5"

  • "Dilun Ho's MasterCase Pro 3"

  • "Jyunwei Huang's MasterCase Maker 7"

  • There are three Cooler Master case lines: Silence, Performance and Maker. Maker is the top line and is highly customiseable.

  • Some of the Cooler Master Maker case options.

  • Cooler Master Turbo Series may appear in August.

  • 'Feel the flow' with Masterliquid Pro Series.

  • A FlowOp pump

  • MasterAir Maker 8 Heat Sink Fan coolers.

  • MasterWatt Maker 1200 PSUs

  • Boxed goods.

  • Cooler Master multi-coloured LED keyboards.

  • Customiseable Cooler Master MasterMouse.

  • MasterPulse Pro Cooler Master headphones.

  • A demo system.

  • Modular laptop cooler - you can move the fans in different areas below the frame.

  • Cooler Master laptop coolers.

  • Cooler Master has created an online store for modders to sell their products - whether its panels, cables, keyboards or whatever. The new etsy.

  • Custom modded keyboards on sale on Cooler Master's new modding etsy site.

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