Computex wrap-up: 50 pics of mad stuff and random booths

Bad booths/good products or vice versa.

  • Zotac went yellow and had a prominent VR area to highlight people making fools of themselves.

  • Shenzhen Xiaoxi Technology Co. Ltd. brought us the "Miraffe!" an Android device on a stick shaped like a mirror/giraffe. This is the Computex we used to know.

  • Cases and cases of glowing buttons. Old-school Computex.

  • What Computex used to be renowned for - things like power supply factories looking for deals.

  • We've no idea what these are - possibly BlueTooth speaker skulls - but this is Computex so we took it in our stride.

  • What do you make laser pointers for?

  • The best way to show off your SO-DIMMs?

  • If you make PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) for a living, there's not much more you can do in a display.

  • Ducky Channel Vortex Booth. Just because.

  • BenQ's stand looked funky. But they're still not in Australia.

  • Geil had a VR archery demo.

  • What the archer saw on Geil's stand.

  • Acer's stand. So pretty. So very many laptops. So similar looking.

  • HWBot overclocking had a great stand with top class overclockers competing plus lessons for n00bs. Here's a bunch of liquid nitrogen being poured out.

  • HWBot's stand at Nangang.

  • The n00b overclocker table with lessons from the legendary Coolaler.

  • Super Captain (I've no idea either) had a Mickey Mouse-inspired VR area.

  • Chaintech's motherboard showroom looked good from outside.

  • Microsoft's dynamic walls looked good. But inside was a display of partner tech.

  • Elitegroup's stand. Yep.

  • ASRock's stand.

  • Poindus' stand. Whoever they are.

  • Shuttle, famous for making small PCs that break.

  • Cherry's keyboard products were everywhere on everyone's stands. This was their own.

  • Galaxy and their lonely overclocker.

  • Biostar's booth.

  • A company called Delux had one of the best-designed booths.

  • ID-Cooling.

  • ABB let you move your hands and the robo arms would copy you. Sort of.

  • The Guangzhou City Wenxin Electronics Company Ltd. might not have had much space (or the catchiest brand name) but they made the best of it all.

  • AK Racing chairs. For people with small bums.

  • Scandinavian booth design from Loop.

  • This company (whatever that says) had a drone flying in a cage all day.

  • Bitfenix had a good booth.

  • Bitfenix uses tempered glass for side screens.

  • Bitfenix's use of tempered glass avoids cheap plastic fading and distorting.

  • Lian Li used to be the Rolls Royce of case makers. Now not so much.

  • Clevo - makers of other people's laptops.

  • In Hall 3, a startup conference was held.

  • Audi had cars on their stands and talked about a virtual cockpit without actually demonstrating it.

  • Centre Stage of Hall 3 and the startup conference.

  • Samsung's low-profile booth had VR demos which used its phones.

  • ECS. Right there.

  • Acrox - more booths should have fresh flowers in them.

  • Intel hid away in a separate building and showed off other people's products.

  • ADATA's stand was very pretty.

  • ADATA had a fashion show where instead of clothes the models showed off sticks of memory while the compere told us the specs.

  • Hall 1 before it opened. Hard to believe this used to be the main event at Computex. Who are these guys?

  • Taipei 101 - a former World's Tallest Building.

  • An Angry Birds Movie display lets you pose in a catapult aimed at Taipei 101.

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