The best VR in 2016 came from HTC Vive

We saw some great VR demos, but HTC owned it.

  • Yes, in this VR simulation you're a bird flapping around the city. There's even a fan blowing at your head.

  • HTC's Vive booth seems unassuming and was hidden away in Hall 3.

  • A rowing VR simulator? Nope, you need to row harder to power your way through the level.

  • This impressive forced-perspective scene was just for show.

  • This elaborate Steam VR and Vive demo used the game Front Defence and a full green screen to put the player in the heart of the action.

  • The controls up close.

  • What we saw - if you don't duck down to reload your gun, you're going to have a bad time.

  • When you're out of grenades you have to bend down and pick up another one. Time Crisis has evolved.

  • Bonus pic from a random nearby booth - is this the future of East Asian karaoke?

  • Every house needs one of these.

  • The evolution of Time Crisis.

  • Make rowing training more fun - keep rowing or your aircraft loses power!

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