The 5 funniest Google Assistant responses

Here are the best funny answers from Google Assistant

  • Here are the top 5 funniest responses we’ve seen

    Google’s new digital assistant – called Google Assistant – has upped the level of A.I. available to regular phone users thanks to the new Google Pixel phone and the Allo chat app. It assistant offers more than just voice recognition – it understands the context of what you’re saying. We suspect that the developers have also had some fun baking in some tongue-in-cheek responses. Some come from this great thread on Reddit. We’ve added attribution accordingly.

    1. Redditor GiveMeBackMySon managed to get the Google Assistant to make this Dad joke.
  • 2. Redditor zzgoogleplexzz managed to pry this conversation out of Google Assistant. But it was AwastYee's observation that, "Teased and then friendzoned by a ****ing chat bot, this is the future folks" which arguably resonated most.

  • 3. Google Assistant switches tone when a certain special someone gets mentioned.

  • 4. Redditor zzgoogleplexzz has a conversation that we suspect was created in Allo unless voice recognition has come further than we think.

  • Nobody's perfect. This wasn't anything to do with our search history either.

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