7 Best VR demos at PAX

Sony, Vive and Oculus Virtual Reality games were all on display at PAX Australia 2016

  • There were some amazing game demos on at PAX Australia 2016. But the most fascinating were those utilising VR.

    The best VR rigs at PAX

    There was a variety of scenarios for the VR rigs to use: MSI had its VR One backpack PC on show. Melbourne outfit ​VFC​ used a bespoke fishing rod contraption, Origin PC used monster screens so that everyone around could see what was happening. Virtuix displayed its VR treadmill. Sony had a living room couch setup and ​Depth VR​ had people thinking they were diving with Sharks.

    1. Origin PC

    Origin didn't need to provide monster screens for its players (they were wearing masks) but we're glad they did. It was quite the spectacle.
  • 2. VFC

    This VR demo saw people having a (vicious looking) boxing match against each other. Note the fishing rod-style pole holding the wires clear.
  • 2. VFC

    Perhaps all online disputes should be settled with a virtual fist fight? (Yes they are fighting each other!)
  • 3. MSI's Backpack VR One PC

    The only way to avoid being held back by wires. MSI's VR One backpack PC, which we first saw at Computex, lets you VR wherever you want to go.
  • 4. Virtuix Omni treadmill

    Here comedian, Jack O'Brien shows off the Virtuix VR Omni Treadmill. Apparently it will be on sale for under $2000, We can't wait!
  • 5. Symphony of the machine

    This great-looking VR world is the latest evolution of the puzzle game.
  • 6. Depth VR

    Ever wanted to go diving with sharks but were to afraid? Now you can virtually be immersed in the immersive world of VR and experience the thrill of being attacked by massive deep sea monsters.
  • 7. Sony VR

    This is how many people at home will start off with VR - in their living rooms, sitting down, waving their hands around.
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