​15 Best photos taken by camera drone

What are the best pictures taken on a quadcopter with camera?

  • Here's the best photography shot with a flying camera

    From India to Hungary to the United States in wildlife preserves and at the beach, photographers have always been going everywhere. However, drones have added an exciting new possibility to photography, and if the shots captured in the last few years are any indication, we’re going to see some increasingly incredible things.

    Moab Rock Climbing

    This entry was, unsurprisingly, the winner of Dronestagram’s Sports/Adventure category in their International Drone Photography Contest. Perched high on the rock cliffs of Moab, Utah, he stopped to capture a photo from above (and somehow didn’t fall in the process). Source
  • Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi

    This incredible photo was taken at sunset with the coast of the city of Umbria, Italy enshrouded in fog. Nestled in the fog is the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi. Source
  • The Statue of Liberty

    Nope, that’s not the one in the U.S. – that Statue of Liberty is in Budapest, Hungary. Ironically, what makes this photo so amazing is that drone flight is now banned in Hungary, so to take this stunning photo today would be illegal. Source
  • Schoolyard

    Evoking memories of this National Geographic photo winner, this aerial shot above a schoolyard in El Dorado County, California captures a dramatic and unusual image of kids on a basketball court. For a moment it looks as though they’re wearing black and lying flat on the asphalt, but those are their shadows. Source
  • Eagle in Bali

    Winner of the “Most Amazing Aerial View” shot in Dronestagram’s first contest in 2014, this shot was happened upon purely by chance. They were attempting to take photos of the beach in manual mode when the eagle came along – they soon discovered that the eagle was not attempting to attack the drone, but instead that it was playing. So they switched to manual mode, played along, and got this incredible shot! Source
  • Credit: Dreamstime

    Hong Kong

    Looking more like a really detailed children’s pop-up book than an actual city where real people live, this incredible shot of Hong Kong captures the density and whimsy of the city. Aptly titled Urban Jungle, the insistent buildings jut out straight up from the ground in varying shapes and colours. Source
  • Hidden Lake

    We just have a soft spot for photos that you can’t quite tell what it is at first. This is definitely one such photo, and becomes even more beautiful when you recognize the towering, snow-covered tree along a swirling, frozen lake. It’s in Washington, but it’s called Hidden Lake, so good luck finding it! Source
  • Mont Saint Michel

    Yes, that is Mont Saint Michel surrounded by water. This amazing shot was captured after a big tide in France that made Mont Saint Michel an island for the first time in decades. A footbridge allows tourists to access the site year-round, but this special moment was very rare. Source
  • Osprey Nest

    File this one under unexpected-drone-uses; apparently drone footage is the latest craze for biologists. The small hovering aircrafts allow them to observe the animals up close while remaining a safe distance away themselves. Source
  • Protesting in Bangkok

    This incredible photo was taken of a protest in 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. The anti-government protesters were demanding that their Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, step down. Roughly 100,000 protestors were present, captured in this intense photo. Source
  • SpaceX Rocket

    Space is cool; therefore, something space-related was bound to make this list. This is from some awesome footage of SpaceX testing their reusable rocket back in 2014. Source
  • Surfing in Maui

    It’s official, drones are now the absolute coolest way to capture surfing runs. You can get some really incredible video, but you can also capture some amazing stills like the one above. This particular shot was from Jaws Maui in Peahi, Hawaii, where this surfer tackles a 40 foot wave. Source
  • Birds in Dubai

    Birds in Dubai Not only is this an incredibly beautiful shot, but it’s also best captured by a drone! This is at the site of a wildlife preserve in Dubai, and the drone can capture beautiful shots (like the one pictured) without disturbing the wildlife. Win-win! Source
  • Little Planet

    One of the coolest edits you can make to a photo, in our opinion, is this “little planet” effect. Essentially, it’s achieved by taking a panoramic photo and then using photoshop to “round” it out. So what could be better than making little planet photos with shots you can only take with a drone? (Spoiler: the answer is not much). Source
  • Tulips in the Netherlands

    Nope, that’s not a bathmat – that’s an aerial shot of a field of tulips in the Netherlands. We love the gradients of flowers blending into each other, and the what-the-heck-is-it feeling when you first see it.Source
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