Formula 1 2016: Behind the scenes gallery

Paddock Club , Australian GT, corporate hospitality - here's what it all looked like

  • The Golden Ticket: F1 Paddock Club pass

  • The Mercedes F1 lounge

  • Nico Rosberg's half a car plus the Ferrari garage

  • A Pit Lane tour at Melbourne 2016

  • Part of the World Champion's Mercedes F1 car.

  • A look inside Mercedes' pit garage at Albert Park's Grand Prix

  • What the Paddock looks like on a Thursday at Formula 1 in Australia

  • The Air Force Roulettes fly over the pit straight at Formula 1

  • McLaren's booth before people arrive.

  • Alonso's McLaren will hopefully race as well as it looks this year.

  • Danny Ric's Red Bull livery looks amazing this year.

  • Bottas at Williams' nose cones.

  • Pit Lane Melbourne 2016 at Formula 1

  • Even the detail at the end of Ferrari's pit boom are impressive.

  • Ferrari's pit booth in screensaver mode at Formula 1, Albert Park

  • The Ferrari Formula 1 garage at Albert Park

  • The Australia GT cars look amazing - Lambos, versus Ferraris, versus McLarens, versus Audis, versus Mercedes versus Aston Martens. They're all there and they sound as good as they look.

  • More Australia GT cars looking fine.

  • Some of the world's most famous racing trophies on display at Mercedes AMG's corporate lounge. Here's the Australian GP one.

  • The much-coveted Monaco F1 trophy.

  • Guess which fabulous F1 trophy this is?

  • The highly-desired Brasil F1 trophy.

  • The most colourful of trophies.

  • Here's the small field where most driver interviews occur.

  • Up close we can see Hamilton and Vettel get interviewed.

  • If you ever get behind the scenes at Formula 1 you'll see Jackie Stewart at some point.

  • We get to interview Mercedes Team boss, Toto Wolff

  • I asked Toto Wolff about his favourite Epson printer... a question that he hadn't heard before.

  • The Mercedes AMG Lounge at Melbourne Formula 1

  • Another shot of the Mercedes Melbourne lounge F1

  • Jacques Villeneuve gets interviewed at Melbourne's Formula 1

  • Up close with Jacques Villeneuve at at Albert Park in Melbourne's Formula 1

  • Suddenly, Ferrari's aerobics guy appears

  • Ferrari practising pitstops at Melbourne's F1

  • A Hisense 4K ULED TV display looks amazing.

  • So after the race the amazing Australian GT hyper cars all get dumped in a field and you can see them right up close.

  • A great view of the Australia GT cars

  • It's weird seeing these track thoroughbreds all caked in grass and muck after a race

  • A Lamborghini lying around.

  • A Mercedes Australia GT competitor. In a field.

  • A close look inside the Mercedes Australia GT car at Melbourne Formula 1

  • Another close look inside the Mercedes Australia GT car at Melbourne Formula 1, Albert Park

  • There are plenty of enthusiast vehicles. Here's a Sesame Street car at Melbourne's Formula 1 event.

  • Another enthusiast car at Melbourne F1

  • If you're going to modify a motor, you could probably start with better core materials.

  • A blurry look at the new Red Bull livery - it looks great even when not in focus.

  • Renault's yellow with golden honeycomb livery looks amazing in this year's Formula 1.

  • You really can't miss Jackie Stewart at a Formula One GP event.

  • Young up and comer Max Verstappen gets interviewed in Red Bull's tent. Apparently they've very high hopes for him.

  • Max Verstappen meets sponsor Hisense's boss.

  • Christian Horner does an interview in the Red Bull tent with Hisense

  • Christian Horner talks to the boss of Hisense at the Melbourne F1 GP

  • Lewis Hamilton walked out of the garage and suddenly... this. At the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne.

  • Daniel Ricciardo at the Hisense display in the Red Bull tent at the Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne

  • Daniel Ricciardo tells us his mum kept feeding him up too much before the Formula One season started.

  • Mercedes sponsors, Epson, print a very large picture of Lewis Hamilton at the Melbourne Grand Prix.

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