Best case mods of Computex 2017

Weird and wonderful case mods, shoe mods and USB mods

  • While Computex in 2017 couldn't match the 2016 show for case mods, what was on offer was certainly impressive. Indeed, last year case mods and modding exploded in popularity at Computex with many companies embracing the new element of PC creation. Thermaltake was once again at the centre of attention, displaying the finalists of its modding competition. But there was also a live competition where modders were given four days to build something from scratch. Live, competitive modding is now a thing.

    Many modders made promotional cases for vendors at Computex which included heavy company branding elements.

    There were also live tutorials on modding basics including how to connect cooling tubes without leaking over your computer. It's also worth noting that colourful, strong cables were starting to be pushed harder by manufacturers like Corsair.

  • The face opens up to reveal an alien.

  • This French startup made a modded 'smartshoe.' You can find it on kickstarter.

  • There's an app to close this smartshoe.

  • Day-glo cables were a major feature for modding this year.

  • This USB hub has a Lego-compatible top.

  • Master Chief mod.

  • Asus' Motorbike mod.

  • Many mods were commissioned by vendors.

  • Taipei 101 is the centrepiece of Taipei.

  • Thermaltake's open cases are frequently used as the centrepieces of many mods.

  • Whereas last year Overclocking and Modding were prominent, Competitive Modding made a major appearance.

  • The teams had four days to make a modded PC - live - in front of visiting crowds.

  • The two-man teams compete.

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