In Pictures: PAX Australia 2017, Day One

  • This year's PAX Australia kicked off the three-day marathon of games, tech and pop culture in style. There was a lot to play, and plenty more to see. Here's a glimpse.

  • The Twitch community showed up in force for this year's PAX Australia.

  • As did SBS' Michael Hing, who shoutcasted League of Legends matches throughout the day at Lenovo's booth.

  • Destiny 2 didn't just bring cosplayers to this year's PAX Australia...

  • ...they also brought dogs!

  • Nvidia gave PAX Australia attendees a chance to test drive the newly-announced GTX 1070 Ti.

  • Even Age of Empire made an appearance at this year's PAX Australia

  • In 2017, VR is everywhere at PAX Australia

  • Lenovo's booth saw them show off the new Star Wars Jedi Challenges augmented reality experience, due to arrive next month at an RRP of $399.

  • The package - which comes with a VR headset, sensor and lightsaber periperal - promises to pull Star Wars fans closer to The Force than ever before.

  • Huawei also took PAX Australia as an opportunity to show off their new AI-powered Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro smartphones.

  • Even Melbourne's own Dumb Ways To Die had a presence.

  • Detroit: Become Human had a unique, Blade Runner-inspired proposition for PAX attendees.

  • You might have played Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, but have you played it on Samsung's new 49-inch QLED monitor?

  • Assassins Creed: Origins is out in retail today but it still made an appearance on the show floor.

  • God of War fans could also get a sneak-peek at the new game

  • If eSports are your thing, then the ESL Stage was the place to be.

  • Hearthstone hasn't got anything on this guy

  • Projection's booth replicated the game's unique look in a cardboard form

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