CES 2018: 20 Great Gadgets We Saw On The Show Floor And Beyond

  • Intel's 'Hades Canyon' NUC promises to be the smallest premium VR-ready PC avaialble.

  • Moodo allows you to mix, match and generate unique aromas for your house on the fly using an app, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT.

  • SGNL is a unique watchband that allows you to make and take phone calls by simply putting a finger to your ear.

  • Velco's Winkbar allows riders to be more visible on the road, navigate using their phone's GPS and even track down their bike should it be stolen.

  • The Royole-X 3D Mobile Theatre promises to turn your VR headset into a personal cinema.

  • This smartwatch might not look like much but the thermal conductive tech inside the Matrix Powerwatch allows it to charge using your body heat - eliminating the need for a periodic recharging.

  • Intrigued by Snapchat's Spectacles but put off by the obnoxious aesthetics? The Pogocam allows you to turn any set of glasses into a flexible video-capturing tool.

  • One of the most popular accessories on the show floor, the Removu K1 is a 3‑Axis handheld gimbal with a 4K camera and powerful self-stablization tech.

  • The Roader is a simple and clean wearable designed for lifeloggers.

  • One of the more comprehensive security accessories on the show floor, The Guardzilla 360 allows you to easily and remotely monitor your home in real-time and 360-degrees.

  • The Ember temperature control mug didn't exactly debut at this year's CES - but it's presence wasn't exactly unwelcome either.

  • If you look hard enough, there plenty of other chargers out there that might do the same job of Belkin's PowerHouse. However, there aren't many that do as good a job of looking as sleek, simple and appealing as this one.

  • The age of the foldable smartphone finally arrives with the ZTE Axon M.

  • The Ensembl makes the smart speaker experience modular, allowing you to pick and choose which features and what design you want it to show off.

  • The Solo are a nifty set of smart glasses designed for use by cycling and running enthusiasts. They allow you to keep track of your speed, heart-rate and other data.

  • Ecovacs are set to move the automated cleaning robot arms race foward with the arrival of their new Winbot X. It's like a Roomba for your windows.

  • Ever since Mesh Wi-Fi systems became the hottest thing in tech, they've gotten not just better - but also better looking. D-Link's second-gen Covr embody this trend in top form.

  • Until now, LiFi has been the stuff of science labs. If OLEDCOMM are able to deliver on the potential of their My Li-Fi product, it could soon become the norm.

  • ASUS debuted a unique smart speaker-router hybrid called the Lyra Voice - merging two crucial parts of your smart home into one sleek looking device.

  • The Neova is a connected ring which allows your hand movements to modulate the music on a connected instrument, creating more dynamic results.

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